Weekend Getaway

Xin Ciao everyone. This is my first time to write a travel blog. I decided to moved to wordpress because they obviously have better templates for beginners like me.

I just wanna share something about this trip. I am new in Hanoi, Vietnam and I was employed in a Tour Company called Hanoi Redtours. They are one of the biggest Tour Operators in Vietnam. They arranged a variety of itineraries and tour packages. They have personalized tour packages too. So, I was hired as a Marketing Executive/Sales even though I have no experience in Tourism. It;’s almost my first month and they want me to visit different tourist destinations in Hanoi first then all around Vietnam later on. See my clip for this trip.

11830326_815008651948006_1891184306_n (1)
Le Mat Street

This is my first trip to a local destination. It is called “Le Mat” or “Snake Village”. Le Mat Snake Village is famous for its tradition of catching snakes. In fact, some say that the only snakes left in the village and its environs are the ones bred in captivity to supply meat to the snake restaurants in the village. Only a half-hour’s drive from central Hanoi, Le Mat Snake Village specializes in serving grass snake and cobra dishes such as soup with snake meat, snake tail with crispy lemongrass, deep-fried snake bones and spring rolls with snake. But I promise you. I didn’t dare to taste one. Lol.

Aside from the many “SNAKE” dishes you can try in Le Mat”, You can also enjoy the Pagoda in Le Mat Street. The temple also has fishponds and Lily pond probably infested with snakes,am not sure though.


The temple has intricate design in the interior and exterior. Please see my gallery for the rest of my pictures.

Second is “Ba Trang” or Ceramic Village. You can have a pottery class where you can have an experience of molding ceramic wares. If you are into art and culture immersion, this is the right place for you.


and presenting….. My finish products!. Ahem (^__^)

11855596_815007098614828_1074202970_nI just colored it. I am not an expert with this one. Lol It requires skills and expertise. Salute to the people of “Ba Trang”.



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