Quickie Trip to Vientiane

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Most people travel to see the other side of the world, but for me, mostly for Visa Run. Lol. This is my quickie trip to Vientiane, Laos.

I started traveling last 2013. Then the next travel was this year and this time, it is to permanently move to a new city where I got no relatives, just few friends. A long story why I ended up being in Hanoi. No matter what the reason is, I love Hanoi itself, the people, food and the culture.

But I have to leave the country for almost every 6 months for visa renewal. This favors me a lot because I really have a reason why I should save up and  travel.

Day 01 & Day 02: The journey was a very long 20 – 24 hours land trip. We were just six in the bus, 2 Asians and 4 Westerners. We felt so happy getting inside the bus. We felt like we own the whole sleeper bus by ourselves not knowing that it will later load tons of goods. Those things didn’t bother me at all because it’s common in Asia but the other guys were surprised. But nonetheless, it was a fun journey. If you don’t mind long trips, then I suggest you take bus. A great chance of meeting fellow travelers and it’s relatively cheap. But mind that it’s not gonna be a luxury ride. We left Hanoi 7pm and arrived the next day 5pm.


All of us didn’t know where to stay in Vientiane, luckily I got a recommendation from a friend to stay in Dream Home Hostel and it was just oh so perfect! With private pool, bar and billiard tables. A perfect place for people who wants to chill – out. Everyone decided to stay in the same hostel with me.

Later that day me and another lovely traveler named Alice who I will write about on my next blog; stroll around the Night Market of Vientiane. Bought some souvenir, had dinner and went home to sleep. The prices of goods there are relatively cheap. Some will charge you for tourist price, but a little bit of haggling won’t hurt.

Day 03: Woke up so early, showered and enjoyed the free breakfast in the hostel. Today I will be visiting the famous Buddha Park, Buddha Park (aka Xieng Khuan) a famous sculpture park with more than 200 religious statues including a huge 40-metre high reclining Buddha image. This one is a must – visit so I decided to just go. The best way to get there is by motorbike. You can get a motorbike for as low as 5-7dollars a day. Driving a motorbike in Vientiane is far too different in Hanoi. Watch out for my blog about bikibg experience in Hanoi!

There’s really nothing much to do in Vientiane. What I like most about the place is the slow-paced kind of living. So different from the bustling city of Hanoi. A must visit of you want to relax and just don’t do anything.


  • Bus – 25 USD
  • Hostel – 6USD
  • Motorbike – 5 USD
  • Transfers – 10USD
  • Plane Ticket – 88USD
  • Food – 15 USD

Total = 149 USD


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