Welcome to My Blog!


“In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

Hello Everyone,

I am Clarice and I am born and raised in the Philippines.

I am now base in Hanoi, Vietnam working as a full-time Marketing Executive and a part – time teacher. This blog is to document my ambitious travels. Ambitious because it seemed to me before that I can never be able to travel and see other places aside from my country. Impossible it may seem but I took the chances and tried my best. Now I have traveled 5 countries in  Asia and is hoping to explore more countries. I have just started blogging and learned everything from scratch so please excuse me for my lapses. My desire for travelling was inspired by a friend who I met in Vietnam. He seemed to me a person who have a better understanding about life, culture and other peoples situation. I wanted to be the same, maybe not the same but at least be able to understand other traditions and cultures. So I am now trying to reach my dreams, slowly but surely!

At first, I tried to save with the little money I earn from teaching here in Vietnam. Because I have to renew visa once every six months, then I make sure I travel to a new country each time I do so. So that’s the way it all started!

Join me in fulfilling my dreams and I hope I may inspire other aspiring travelers too.




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