Weight Loss Journey (Starts Now!)

I loss hope on losing weight myself but I gotta try this one more time. I was 70 kgs before and have been gaining weight. I want to loss weight to boost more my confidence and to just feel good about myself. I posted here online coz I want to have more encouragement. It will take a lot of discipline and I will try my best!

I found this video on youtube channel of @VersatileVicky and it has a lot of good feed backs so I decided to just give it a try. It is a 10-Day Diet plan that is focused on a protein – rich diet that I believe is quite achievable. My statistics are 5’4.5 (163.83 cm) and weighing 92 kgs (202 lbs) – terrible, I know! Join me in my weight loss journey and I hope to get more encouragement from you guys! Let’s do this together! Will try to post an update about this journey regularly!

Please see the complete Meal Plan below the video!


3 boiled eggs

1 cup of green tea (warm)


3 boiled eggs

1 apple

1 green tea


1 apple

1 cup of green tea


1 bowl of oats with fruits nuts and anything you want. Just avoid sugar


Have 1 cup of green tea right before bedtime. If you need to eat anything in between the meals, you can only eat carrots, cucumbers and sprouts. Do not skip your meal and strictly follow the plan. Reduce your intake of sugar and salt. Indulge in a mild exercise or a 15 minutes fast walk.